Congratulations 9Mile Labs

Three Milestones:

9Mile Labs

As a mentor with 9Mile Labs high-tech accelerator, I have the pleasure of working with motivated start-up teams on their positioning and go-to-market strategies, playing a role in keeping the focus on how to secure customer traction. I want to highlight three important 9Mile Labs achievements that support this goal.

1.  9Mile Labs Program Evolution

As described in the following article, 9Mile Labs has been tuning its program to focus on customer revenue metrics as its measure of success.

Accelerator 9Mile Labs Evolves Model for Investing in Startups

2.  New Advisory Board for 9Mile Labs

Five tech industry leaders have been named to a new advisory board including:

  • Gary Rubens:  Angel investor and founder of StartIt Labs
  • Robert Kelly:  Corporate VP at Microsoft
  • Heather Redman:  Angel investor and VP at Indix
  • Tom Casey:  VP of platform and infrastructure at Apptio
  • Michael Orbach:  Managing director at Cascadia Capital

At the Milestone 9 event last week, customer traction was a discussion topic which was captured in this GeekWire article.

Here’s the ‘Dirty Secret’ About Silicon Valley, and Why Seattle Startups Have an Advantage

3.  Cohort V Graduation

Eleven companies have just “graduated” from the program. The growth demonstrated by the individuals in these companies is a pleasure to experience. To all, you have my congratulations.

9Mile Labs Graduates 11 Startups in Cohort 5

What’s Next?

Applications for the next program are open until 4/18/2016. Apply at Help spread the word.


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