Seattle Angel Fund Speaker Series

Creating a Killer Marketing Plan

I had the pleasure of being a speaker at the third session of the popular Seattle Angel Fund Speaker Series. I want to thank the sponsors Karr Tuttle Campbell, Seattle Angel Fund, and Clark Nuber PS for hosting this event. I also want to share the following insights that they used to frame the discussion.

According to CB insights, the number one reason companies fail is due to no market need, and conversely, according to long-time investor, Bill Gross, the number one reason companies succeed is timing. So it is important for the investor to assess whether a venture has correctly assessed the market and whether it is well positioned to capture that market.  In addition, with so many business models, how does one tell which marketing plan is the right one?

I had the opportunity to discuss some marketing strategies and tactics to help companies go from emerging to surging by leveraging the marketplace forces that matter most. To learn more see the following blog posts.

Market Force: “Why Now?”

Market Force: Why Now?

Market Force: “Practicing Systematic-Marketing?”

Market Force: Practicing Systematic-Marketing?

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